Spring 2020-2021, PSD Tech Troubleshooting Tips and FAQs

As always, try restarting your computer first! Need more help? Start by working with your Teacher. If after you’ve worked with your Teacher and you need additional assistance, please visit techportal.psdschools.org

Q: What If Our Family Doesn't Have Internet Access?

Please refer to the Internet Access link https://www.psdschools.org/InternetAccess posted on the District website. We are working on additional options for internet access for families.

Q: Why Can't I See Any Websites?

  • Ensure you are connected to WiFi.
  • Click on the WiFi icon  in the bottom right-hand corner of the device and will say "Connected-secured".
  • If WiFi isn't connected, click "Disconnect" and then click "Connect" again.
  • If WiFi is connected, try accessing a different website such as www.psdschools.org.

Q: How Does My Student Know If They Are Logged into Chrome?

  • Look in the upper-right corner and click the circular logo. 
  • If you see your Student's PSD email address, your all set! 
  • For further guides on signing into Chrome, click here!

Q: I Am Having an Issue with My Mic or Camera

  • On some devices the F4 key is used to mute the built-in microphone. You would see a microphone and a white light on the F4 key. Clicking the F4 or Fn key + F4 will toggle the mic. If the white light is on, then the mic has been muted.
  • To further troubleshoot the microphone and camera, type “Silverlight” in the Start menu where it says “Type here to search”. Click on the Microsoft Silverlight icon. Choose the Webcam/Mic tab. You will see if Video and Audio are working properly.
  • Check the Windows Privacy Settings by opening the Start Menu and clicking on the gear symbol. Choose ‘Privacy’ from the options and you will see several sections on the left side. Scroll down on the left side and choose the ‘Camera’ & ‘Microphone’ sections. Under each section, make sure the ‘Allow apps to access your camera/microphone’ is switched on.

Q: Where Can I Go for More Information on Specific Applications or Technology?

Right here, on the PSD Community Tech Portal! Check out Guides, FAQs, and even important upcoming dates.