Troubleshooting Connection Issues on PSD Student Devices

Having Issues Connecting to Specific Sites for PSD on Your PSD Laptop?

It could be an issue with the PoudreVPN.


What is the PoudreVPN?

The PoudreVPN is a secure connection to the PSD systems allowing Students and Teachers to access everything from Network School Folders to websites that live on the PSD Network. This connection should be enabled automatically, allowing users to connect to these assets without any further action on their part. 


How Do I Know If My Student Is Connected to the PoudreVPN?

1. Start by clicking on the wifi symbol in the bottom-right corner of the screen. 

2. You will see all of the wireless Networks the laptop is picking.

3. At the top of this list you will see the VPN Banner with the PoudreVPN name. VPN icon If you are connected it will say "Connected".


What Can I Do If It Is Not Connecting?

1. Try restarting the Computer, then waiting for a bit.

2. Recheck the VPN connection as outlined above. 


Hmm, That Didn't Work. What Next?

Time to reach out to the Support Center! Feel free to email and be sure to include your Student's ID and the black and white PSD barcode number of the laptop, found on the bottom of the unit.