Having Headaches from Headphones Not Working?

With so many different devices in the District being used during remote learning, there have been some questions about getting Headphones to work if there are issues. Check out the best ways to resolve the problem below:

1. Do a Restart on the Device!

We know you've heard this one a few times, but doing this with some frequency will refresh the drivers that allow the headphones and other accessories to work in a reliable manner. Just like you need sleep, your Student's PSD device also needs a refresh at least every few days!

2. Run Those Windows Updates

Every computer in PSD receives helpful updates from Windows to address everything from security concerns and new features to (you guessed it) driver updates for accessories like keyboards and mice, headphones, and more.  If you are unsure how to look for and install Windows Updates on your Student's PSD device, check out this handy guide! 

3. Check out the Software Center for Audio Drivers and Apps

Software Center is a helpful application on the PSD device that allows Students (or their Parents and Guardians!) to install pre-approved applications, drivers, and even Windows Updates. For those of you with the Dell 3310 Laptops, you can search for "Dell Latitude" in the Software Center and can download the driver yourself. Another app will be coming soon for the Dell Latitude 3300. If you need more instructions on using the Software Center, look at this guide!

4.Get in Touch with Your Support System

Starting with your Student's Teacher, reach out to get technical help. They have access to resources and guides and can answer some basic questions. From there you can email the PSD Support Center at covidtechhelp@psdschools.org or give them a call at 970-490-3339.