Laptop Not Holding a Charge? Don't Take it to the School!

In order to get a 1:1 device to every Student that needed it across the District, some devices were brought back into service that may have a poor or non-working battery. Although we have more devices that will be deployed over the next month, you may be wondering what to do in the meantime.

The Student needs to keep the unit plugged in.  If the unit is brought to the School, we do not have supplies such as additional laptops or batteries to fix this issue. so at this point, save yourself a trip and hang tight for the new devices!

If a Student unplugs the device when it’s powered on and the battery runs out, it may not “turn back on.”  

Here's a quick solution:

  • While it’s plugged into power, hold down the power button on your laptop for a WHILE  - count to 20 -  until all the lights on the laptop go completely off.

  • Take your finger off the power button and wait at least a minute for all power in the battery to discharge.

  • Firmly press the power button just once to turn it back on (don’t hold it).

If you have any additional questions, feel free to give our Community Support Line a call at 970.490.3339 or reach out via email to