Logging Your Student into Clever from a Personal Device


1. Welcome to the PSD Technology Guide on Logging your Student into Clever from a Personal Device. If you want to learn how to log in as a Parent, please check out this guide on the PSD Technical Support site.

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2. There are a few ways to get to Clever from a Personal Device such as an iPad or other tablet, laptop, or phone. In this guide, you will want to begin by opening your Web Browser (Safari, Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, or Firefox).

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3. Type in clever.com, then press Enter. 

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4. You are now on the main Clever page! Click the "Login as Student" button next. 

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5. If this is your Student's first time accessing Clever, you may see a screen like this. 

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6. Begin by entering the name of your Student's school. In this example, I used "Wellington", for Wellington Middle School. 

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7. You will see a list pop up underneath where you typed. Click on the best match for your Student's school that includes "Poudre School District" below the School name. 

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8. You will now be on the PSD login page. 

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9. Click on the "Log in with District Credentials" button to continue. 

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10. TIP: If you need help with your Student's password, make sure to look at the hints above. 

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11. TIP: If you have multiple Students, you may need to select the correct log in for that Student. 

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12. Type in your Student's PSD email address in the username field. 

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13. Click the "Next" button to continue. 

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14. Enter the Password for your Student's account.

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15. Click the "Sign in" button. 

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16. You have successfully logged into your Student's Clever Account from a Personal Device! For other guides on Clever and more, be sure to check out the PSD Technology Support site. 

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Here's an interactive tutorial


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