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Requesting a Class Online Using StudentVUE


Want to sign up for next year's classes using StuentVUE on your computer or Phone? Follow the guide below!*


* If you don't see "Course Request" as an option on your StudentVUE menu, contact your current school for assistance.


1. Log into StudentVUE and click on the "Course Request" menu.

2. Click on “Click here to change course requests” button.

StudentVUE Course Requesting

3. Search for a course by typing into the Course ID or the Course Title search fields.

StudentVUE Course Requesting2

4. Click on "Add Request" or "Add Alternate" for each course.

StudentVUE Course Requesting3

5. Continue to add Course Requests and/or Alternates as needed.

6. Once all courses have been added, click on “Click here to return to course request summary”.

Note: If any courses need to be removed, click the “Remove” button underneath the "Action" column.

StudentVUE Course Requesting4

7. Click on “Lock Course Requests” to finalize your selections.

Note: Once locked, you will not have access to modify course requests so make sure you're ready!

Course request screenshot


8. You're all set! You have successfully requested courses using StudentVUE.


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