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More guides coming soon! Look forward to getting started and FAQs to guide you in using your new Chromebook.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will Teams Work on Chromebooks?

Yes it will!

Teams can be run from the Browser on the Chromebook or as an app, downloaded and installed to the device from the Play Store.

Keep in mind, additional features within Teams Meetings such as Webcam Background Effects and the large Gallery where more Students can be visible on the screen at once may not work as anticipated. See below for more detail:

Chromebook Limitations

1. Some older Chromebooks do not have a strong enough processor to handle the additional features. Older models include HP and Dell Chromebooks

2. Some older Chromebooks are not able to run Teams in the Browser as effectively.

3. Some older Chromebooks will not be receiving updates soon or have already stopped getting updates.   

What You Can Do

1. Make sure to Restart the device. 

2. Download Teams from Play Store

3. Go to to use Teams on the Chrome web browser.

4. Reach out to your Student's Teacher for additional help. 

The newer Chromebooks will be making their rounds to the schools but these advanced features will remain unusable. 

If you are interested in getting more information on your school's plan for swapping out older devices for the newer Chromebooks, please reach out to your school. Also, keep your eyes peeled here on the Community Tech Portal!

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