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Using the Clever Family Portal

Setting up Your Clever Family Portal Account

If your child's school district has invited you to Clever Family Portal, you as a Parent will go through the following steps for each child you have in the District:

1. Accept your invitation

Invitations are sent by your school district! The invitation may be in the form of an email or a text message (see below.) If you have multiple children in the same school district, you will receive multiple invitations—one for each child. You must click the link to each unique invitation to be connected to all of your children using Clever.

If you have not received an invitation but would like to use the Clever Family Portal, reach out to your district's tech support contact with your request.

To create your account, click on the invitation link and proceed to step 2!


2. Confirm your invite.

Once you click on the link you will be taken to a Family Portal web page. If the name of the school and your child are correct, click the blue button!

If the name that appears is not the name of your child, your school may have associated you with the incorrect student. Please reach out to your school or child's teacher to resolve.



3. Create an account

IMPORTANT: Please use your personal email address when setting up your account - NOT your student's email address. 

If you’d like to use your Google email account to log in to Clever, select Continue with Google. The Google account does not need to match the email address where you received the district invitation.

If you do not have a Google email address, select Continue with email. You will be prompted to set a password for your account. This password can be changed at any time.

If you have already set up your account and connected with another child, you will be prompted to log in again and connect to your additional child. 


4. Welcome to your Clever Family Portal!

After confirming your email, you will be automatically signed in. Welcome!


Using Family Portal to Help Your Child Log in

If your child cannot log in to Clever, you can help them log in using your account in Clever Family Portal. You can use the Clever Family Portal to provide your child access to their school's Clever Portal in two ways:

Instant Login
Log in to the Clever Portal as your child on your current device

When you click Instant Login, Clever will automatically log the student into their Clever Portal on the device you are using. To protect your account, clicking Instant Login will log you out of your Family Portal account, allowing your child to safely use your device without the worry of them accessing information or resources for your other children. To return to your Clever Family Portal account, navigate to and log in again. 


Clever Badge
Download your student's Badge so they can log in at

When you click Clever Badge, Clever will display your student's Clever Bage. Feel free to save this Badge to your photos app for easy access! To use a Clever Badge:

  1. Open the Badge on your phone
  2. On your child's device, open the web browser and navigate to
  3. Hold up your phone with the Badge displayed to your child’s webcam. Your child will be logged in automatically!


Please note:  Not all students have Clever Badges. This decision is made by your school district and is not managed by Clever. For more information on Clever Badges, please see For Families: How do I help my student log in to Clever with a Badge?

District added links

Below the login tools, your district may have added links for you. In Clever Family Portal, you can click links provided by your district. These are resources that will redirect you to the websites your district has shared with you and your child.


Clever ideas

The Family Portal is not only a place for guardians to help their students log in but also a place where guardians can support students who are learning at home. The Clever ideas tab houses these Clever-curated resources.

Our team thoroughly vets materials for clarity, relevance, reputable sourcing, and insight for families, choosing only resources that meet our rigorous criteria to share in the Family Portal. If you have suggestions for content, you can email to submit your ideas! 



I forgot my password! How can I access my Clever Family Portal account?

You can reset your password here You will need to enter the email address attached to your family account and we will send account recovery instructions there. 

If I have multiple children using Clever, how do I connect to them all?

Student associations are assigned by the district. For each student your school district associates you with, you will receive a separate invitation link. To be associated with all of your students, you will need to click each link to confirm your relationship to the student. You will only need to confirm your email address once.

I do not see all of my children when I log in. Who should I reach out to?

Your child's school district manages which email addresses are connected to each student. If you did not receive an invitation for all of your children, please reach out to your contact your district tech support contact

Can a child be connected to multiple parents/guardians?

Yes! As long as both parents/guardians have their own email addresses, both individuals can be connected to a student. To connect, accept the invitations that were sent to both email accounts. If one of the parents/guardians did not receive the invite, please contact your district tech support contact

My invitation expired! Can I receive an updated invite? 

If your invitation expired, please contact your district tech support contact

Is there a way for my family account to be associated with a different email address?

At this time, Clever cannot change the email address associated with a family account. Please get in touch with your district to have the district send a new invite for each student to the correct email address.

Is there a way to update my name?

At this time, Clever cannot change the name associated with a family account. 

What do I do if I am not connected to the correct students?

Please reach out to Clever support immediately and provide a screenshot of your family account, what district your student is in, and any other relevant information.