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Starting a Teams Meeting from an Email Link


Teachers and Staff at PSD will commonly reach out to families using Microsoft Teams as a way to meet remotely. This guide will cover how to get into a Teams Meeting from a link sent to your email. 


1.  The Teacher or Staff member will be sending you a link to your email

2.  Click on the link in the email to open Teams. 

Teams from a Link 1

3.  A browser window will open and you will see 3 ways to get into the Meeting:

     A.  On the Web.

     B.  On the App, if you have is already installed.

     C.  Install the App, then begin the meeting. 

Teams from a Link 3abc

4.  Once you complete your preferred method from the previous step, the screen will redirect you to the Meeting Lobby. Here you can make sure your Microphone and Webcam are working

5.  When your are ready, click the “Join” button to enter the meeting.

Teams from a Link 45

Note: If you are the first person in the Meeting Room, you will see a message “Waiting for others to join”. Once the staff member joins you, their picture will appear and you can begin your meeting. 

6.  You’re all set! You can now Access a Teams Meeting via a Link from Email. 


Still have a Question? Please reach out to your School for further troubleshooting and additional assistance. 

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