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Connecting to a T-Mobile Hotspot


 Poudre School District MiFi Terms and Conditions, and Instructions


When a family/student accepts a MiFi, they agree to the terms and conditions of use and return of the equipment:

·         Student use of District information technology is a privilege, not a right, and is only authorized for education-related purposes.

·         Student use of District information technology shall be in accordance with District policy JS - STUDENT USE OF DISTRICT INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. By accepting the MiFi device, the family and student agree to comply with the terms and conditions included in District policy JS.

·         Student authorization to use District information technology shall be terminated when the student is no longer enrolled in a District school or program.  

·         MiFi devices are property of Poudre School District and must be returned if the device is no longer needed, a student withdraws from Poudre School District, and no later than by the last week of the current school year. Families may be charged for damaged/lost/non-returned MiFi devices.


This guide will outline how to connect your device to a T-Mobile MiFi Hotspot for internet access. 

If you need to connect to a Verizon Hotspot, please check out this guide instead. 


Turn on the Hotspot

1. To power on (or to turn off) the hotspot device, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds, or until the screen activates or deactivates.

Tip: The power button is located on the front side.

Connecting to a Mobile Hotspot - T-Mobile1

Find the Hotspot Name (SSID) and Password

1. Once the hotspot is powered on, tap the power button to go through the options.

2. The second and third options show the Wi-Fi Name and Password.

3.  Copy this information down for future reference.

Connect to the Hotspot:

1. Open the wireless connections on your device. The hotspot wireless will be named by the PSD Barcode (ex: PSD123456).

2.  Once you find this, click the "Connect" button.

Connecting to a Mobile Hotspot - T-Mobile23

3. Enter the Password for the Hotspot in the space provided (A) and clickNext’ (B).

Connecting to a Mobile Hotspot - T-Mobile3

Note: If you see this setting asking about network discovery, clickNo’.

Connecting to a Mobile Hotspot - T-Mobile 2 Note


4. You're All Set! You should now be connected and have internet access. Up to 5 devices can connect at once, but you may see reduced speeds with each added device.


Still Have Questions? Please reach out to your School for further troubleshooting and additional assistance.