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Why Can't I See the App I Want to Install?

There are usually 2 reasons you might not see an application you wish to install in Software Center:

  • The Software is not available to your Group: Software gets released in the District based on what group you are in. This is not something you can do much about, but there are other options below to help you out. 
  • Your Software Center app hasn't checked-in with the Server correctly: Sometimes the Software Center app can get "stuck" and will not refresh its current list of available apps for download. If this happens to you, look at the instruction below to fix the issue

Steps to Force a Check-in: 

1. Click the Windows icon (Start), then type "Control Panel" and hit the Enter key.

2. Click on "Configuration Manager". 

3. Click on the "Actions" tab.

4. Select the following and click "Run Now" then "Ok", on each one:

     -Application Deployment Evaluation Cycle

     -Machine Policy Retrieval & Evaluation Cycle

     -User Policy Retrieval & Evaluation Cycle

5. Wait a few minutes, then Restart the device

6. You're all set! You should now be seeing the apps you have permission to install. 

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Still Having Issues? 

If you are still experiencing issues or feel that a specific app should be made available to you, please reach out to your school for further assistance.

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