Summer Tech Plans: Answers to Common Questions


As we move into the summer, many parents, guardians, and students might have questions on what to expect.

Check below for answers to the top questions we hear as we move into the next school season!


Does My Student Need to Return Their Laptop or Other Technology?

Yes! All student devices/technology, including MiFis, need to be turned in to the school they were checked out from.

Please Note: Students registered for secondary summer school courses (Session 2) will keep a device to complete summer courses.

Students should work with their school to get a new device if they are experiencing any technical issues. PSD is planning now to supply devices for students in summer school programs with an online component. This information will be communicated with you after the registration deadline for summer programs closes.

Summer School Device Availability

Devices will be available at in-person Summer Programs.

All online and secondary summer school students will have a device provided, although it might be a different device from their current one and a swap may be required prior to the end of school. Device distribution looked very different this year and we want to ensure summer school students have reliable devices if needed.

Will My Student be Able to Use Their Online Applications?

Yes, and...Similar to last summer, students will have access to most district contracted and supported applications used in their current grade level. 

On-demand applications may have varying access during summer months based on licenses and renewals.

In July, we must "roll/roster" students into sections and associated applications for the upcoming school year. This summer the rollover date will be approximately July 14th. Following the rollover date, Staff and Students will begin to be rostered in 2022-23. After rostering has occurred, content from the prior year or student access to specific applications may change or be unavailable.

How Do We Get Technical Help?

If you have technical questions that come up, please reach out to your school. If your student is attending Summer School, this will be the site you should reach out to. 


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