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Tech Portal

Online Learning Due to an Unexpected School Closure: K-5

We want you and your child to feel prepared in the event of a weather or emergency-related closure, providing resources now to get you in the know for online learning should the situation require it. 


What's My Child's Password?

The Default Elementary Password

First 4 digits of students' PIN number (found on the 'Student Info' menu in ParentVUE+ first initial, first name lowercase + first initial, last name lowercase + first initial, first name lowercase first initial, last name lowercase

Example1234abab, if the Student's name was Abigail Babbage.

Note: Using a smartphone to access ParentVUE? Make sure to click 'Additional Information' under 'Student Info' to view the Student PIN.

More information on this topic can be found here. 

How Do I Use my District-Provided MiFi?

Did your student get a MiFi from the District? We've put together some resources to help you get started!

Take a look at our guides on using the device.

How Do I Get to Teacher Learning Pages?

Teacher Learning Pages can be found on your student's school webpage.  

For more information on what Learning Pages are and where to find them, check out our guide What Are Teacher Learning Pages? | PSD Community.

How Can I Check My Camera and Microphone?

Having a working webcam and microphone is a big part of a positive Online Learning experience. Take a look at this guide to learn more

Windows: Checking Your Camera and Microphone | PSD Community

Does My Child Have Access to Important Bookmarks?

Yes! As long as they sign in to Google Chrome with their PSD email and password, any Bookmarks they made while at school will automatically pop up on the device they bring home. Additionally, there are academic Bookmarks pushed by the District such as Email and school websites even if they are not logged in. 

More information on logging into Chrome can be found here

Google Chrome: Logging in to Chrome | PSD Community 

Are Translation Services Available?

Absolutely! We have you covered in multiple ways:

google translate tool


  • Get in touch with your school's Family Liaison who can provide additional resources and language assistance.

How Can I Help my Child Access Online Meetings? 

Your student will be joining class meetings on one of 2 platforms. For more information on these applications, click the links below. 

What Do I Do if a Charging Cable or Device Gets Misplaced?

In the event of a misplaced charger or device, please contact your student’s school. Students without working devices will miss opportunities for learning and may get behind in their work. 

Remember, a replacement charger may be assessed a fee in the event of an item not being returned to a school. 

Where Do I Go for Tech Help with my Student's Devices?

Please start here on the Community Tech Portal! We have tons of great guides, videos, FAQs, and more related to the applications and devices your student uses every day.

If you find yourself needing one-on-one or more specific help, please reach out directly to your school and they can provide you with further support. 


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