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Help! My Computer Keeps Restarting During the Day!

For some users, the current Windows Update process has been forcing a restart (or several!) but why is this happening?

If you have not installed updates for a significant amount of time, your device might be quite out of date. In order to get them up to date, you can imagine how much needs to be done! On your side, this might look like restarting multiple times or getting stuck in a loop, but in fact, it may be installing many updates. 

The best way to check on how many updates you may have or to apply them between monthly updates is to check out this guide.

What happens if the update restart lands me on a Blue Screen and I cannot continue? 

This can happen in some models if your computer is not charged over a certain percentage. Please plug in your laptop and attempt a restart. 

Please reach out by speaking to your school about next steps. 


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